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Life looks good but then things are never quite what they seem. Since he tended to see attractive women as sexual rivals, he often gave his women characters sexual needs and appetites, in a way quite unusual for authors of his time.

Cummingsand Ernest Hemingway.

Casual Affair

The facts are as I state them, but the reasons for them I can only guess, and it may be that when the reader has read them he will think me wrong. I wish I had, for I might have learnt from it something of the kind of man he was.

I think they were glad to see me, especially Mrs Low, for with nothing much to do but keep an eye on the house and the children, she was thrown very much on her own resources.

One of Maugham's friends, describing the difference between Haxton and Searle, said simply: She looked healthy and she had high spirits. The protagonist is a disillusioned veteran of the First World War who abandons his wealthy Casual affair maugham and lifestyle, traveling to India seeking enlightenment.

Bywhen the collapse of France and its occupation by the German Third Reich forced Maugham to leave the French Riviera, he was a refugee—but one of the wealthiest and most famous writers in the English-speaking world.

He continued to be highly productive, writing plays, short stories, novels, essays and travel books.

W. Somerset Maugham

The local physician suggested the medical profession and Maugham's uncle agreed. He became known as a writer who portrayed the last days of colonialism in India, Southeast Asia, China and the Pacific, although the books on which this reputation rests represent only a fraction of his output.

Appearance and Reality — A modern satire based on French naturalism — it is meant to be a light-hearted story. In certain respects the natural responses of the species are denied to him. He adopted Searle as his son and heir, but the adoption was annulled.

He proofread Of Human Bondage at a location near Dunkirk during a lull in his ambulance duties. Inhe published his first novel, Liza of Lambetha tale of working-class adultery and its consequences.

On this and all subsequent journeys, he was accompanied by Haxton, whom he regarded as indispensable to his success as a writer. They may appear to be frivolous but they do entertain the average reader.

While much of the novel takes place in Europe, its main characters are American, not British. Maugham had been writing steadily since he was 15, and wanted to be an author, but he did not tell his guardian.

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He proved a devoted if not a stimulating companion. He wrote a critique of the novel, charging Maugham with plagiarism, in a review published in Vanity Fair.

Inhe published his first novel, Liza of Lambetha tale of working-class adultery and its consequences. Some at least of the broad and typical human emotions he can never experience.

There is no grave for Maugham. His uncle allowed him to travel to Germany, where he studied literature, philosophy and German at Heidelberg University.W. Somerset Maugham (TV Series) A Casual Affair () Plot.

Showing all 1 items Jump to: Summaries (1) Summaries. By a riverside somewhere in Malaysia, a white man is found dead in a Chinese house.

According to the forensic doctor, death has been caused both by opium and starvation. The district police superintendent, Arthur Low, investigates.

William Somerset Maugham A Casual Affair

On the other hand, if you are interested in reading Maugham's works, visit the new My Maugham Collection Concordance Library (MMCCL), which, upon completion, will contain Maugham's complete works and a searchable database. When you add to all this the greatly superior writing style that Maugham had in the early s in comparison with the somewhat crude one in s, it is hardly surprising that the rewritten version of ''The Happy Couple'' was the one included in /5(2).

Casual Affair Lyrics: Looks innocent enough, doesn't it? / But sometimes there are dangers involved that never meet the eye / No matter where you meet a stranger / Be careful if they are too friendly.

William Somerset Maugham (–) studied medicine, but the quick success of his first novel, Liza of Lambeth (), started him on his lifelong literary career, during which he would become one of the most popular English authors since Dickens.

His own life, however, was more tragic, shocking, and fascinating than any novel.5/5(2). A Casual Affair is about love and the affair is not as casual as the title suggests, at least for o Far Eastern Tales the very sound of it makes you fantasize about white beaches, the waves of the Pacific Ocean, but when you add to that the magnificent skill of a wonderful writer, like Somerset Maugham you have the recipe for happiness/5.

Casual affair maugham
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