Construction paper wreath

Wind Chime - Really cute craft project made out of an empty plastic liter bottle and construction paper. Just glue a little ribbon the the back of the cardboard and hang that puppy up! The book on top has a closure made with a paper fastener and string.

This is a great way to decorate for the fall. A pattern for the ears, feet, nose, eyes, and teeth is available to members. You can even make a tiny envelope to match a gift exactly.

This is a very easy project and a lot of fun. Hold it for a while as the glue dries. Come back to me, spring! He looked at the pile and wondered if he had enough carrots for his family.

For the first round, leave a small gap between cones. To make the bunny face, fold a regular paper plate in half. This craft is a lot of fun. Cut a nose and tongue from pink paper and glue to the front of the head.

In an effort to encourage spring weather to come back to me I decided to make my very first spring wreath!

Funnybunny might have tried living with.

DIY Wine Barrel Ring Succulent Wreath

These long strings will be used to tie both ends to the wreath, as seen below. They are made from toilet paper rolls, construction paper and a bit of Fun Foam.

DIY Patriotic Wreath

This is a great craft to do on the same day you are doing a Social Studies Lesson on Occupations and your Community. These fun and easy butterflies can be made out of construction paper and other items.

In the story P. Add this craft project to your preschool math lesson about shapes. Bring the cut edges over to line up with the drawn lines and press down to secure as shown in the picture on the left.Pretty Embossed wreath hanger does the trick for us.

We have a leaded glass insert in our front door that is arched at the top. This is the first wreath hanger we have had that does not "drag" across the coping for the frame of the leaded glass.

Miss Snarky Pants, I used the cheapest cardstock I could find at the local craft store. If it’s just going to be inside, I think a lightweight paper like scrapbook paper, construction paper, or even newspaper or book pages would be great.

A Styrofoam wreath form, about coffee filters, hot glue and decorations of your choice. A tissue paper fall wreath is the perfect fall craft for toddlers and preschoolers. Easy, inexpensive, and so pretty! Skip to primary navigation; Each Hooligan tore a piece of brown construction paper into strips.

These strips were supposed to look like twigs or branches. Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids ~ Construction Paper Wreath. We love simple Christmas crafts and this one is one of the easiest.

This little sparkly wreath craft is super quick but kids love is since it. Paper Dahlia Wreath. Spring, oh spring! Where have you gone!? Last week we had some gorgeous days in the 70s and this weekend we got a foot of snow!

Construction paper wreath
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