Functions of a peer educator

There are a number of situations where a peer education program could be especially useful: In either case, you'll probably want to use some or all of these methods to let people know that they can become involved: Peer education is empowering from both the standpoint of the peer educator and the individual receiving service.

Where you can educate a broad range of people through the media. It should be long enough -- both in total hours of training and in the length of time over which the whole training takes place -- to not only give educators the background and knowledge they need, but to give them time to digest and absorb the material and ideas presented.

The possibility -- and perhaps Functions of a peer educator the expectation -- of an exchange of knowledge, or of the learner becoming an educator is often an important part of peer education. It seemed to show that it was in fact the tutor, rather than the tutee, who experienced the most benefit from the relationship.

Sometimes, a peer educator can create a much more powerful learning experience by not knowing the answer: That may mean Spanish-language radio, soccer clubs, churches, or particular community gathering places.

Peer educator rights and obligations Policy here might deal with such issues as: In order to examine itself, a program needs to decide what to look at - what information it will gather, how it will interpret it once it has it - and how to look at it - the way it will gather that information.

Peer Educator Training

There needs to be an assumption on everyone's part - peer educators, learners, trainers, program coordinator -- that the educator-learner roles are fluid, and that every learner -- either now or later -- is an actual or potential peer educator.

Minority communities, where community members may be suspicious of those who represent past or present mistreatment, and where past or present discrimination may not be easily ignored.

BACCHUS Initiatives of NASPA

At the same time, the educator doesn't bear the pressure of needing to know all the answers all the time, so that her authority won't be compromised. They attended workshops in areas of health understanding breast cancer and the importance and technique of breast self-examination, smoking, nutrition, effects of legal and illegal drugs, etc.

The whole relationship may be created as a reciprocal arrangement, with each participant teaching the other in return for being taught something else remember those Native American teens and elders. By the same token, it might focus on a specific topic teen violence prevention in the communityor on a broader area building a healthy community.

The basic assumptions of the program. Different types of peer education programs When a peer education program might be useful Are there successful examples of this type of program in similar circumstances elsewhere? Ultimately, they received training in the regulations governing various agencies, and, with a small grant from a foundation, became community legal advocates.

Too often, this has been the model followed in education, the one that generates horror stories of teachers being fired because their skirts were too short, or because they were critical of an assigned text.

Mentoring of peer educators every months is offered whereby educators are able to get new material, discuss case management issues, general programme and educational concerns as well as any personal concerns with a member of our team.

Peer Education

Through such programs, people can gain the knowledge and skills to strengthen their communities, advocate for themselves and their needs, and assert more control over their lives. It is essential to plan the program with your focus on the community, rather than on what you want to do.

Peer educators are typically the same age or slightly older than the group with whom they are working.

Peer education

What would they change? Many of the possibilities for peer education may not include any formal education at all, although they do involve an educational process.

Many educators believe that, in the words of an old proverb, "There are no teachers, there are only learners. The act of teaching helped the tutor to solidify her understanding of the material, and also served to boost her self-esteem and self -confidence, enabling her to improve her learning in general.

Becoming critically aware of these forces is the first step to tackling them. For example, there may be different social expectations about how girls should behave and what they should talk about in public.

Peer education can cover any area: Training in education or teaching methods can give learners new insight into their own learning process, and change their approach to learning entirely.

In order to examine itself, a program needs to decide what to look at - what information it will gather, how it will interpret it once it has it - and how to look at it - the way it will gather that information.

Since they often use volunteers and have almost no overhead, peer education programs can be run very cheaply. Do the hours include particular days or combinations of days? There are several ways you can recruit through newspapers, radio, and TV. Peer educators and adult-led education can thus complement each other.Peer Educator Handbook.

What it Means to be a Peer Educator zPeer Educator is an individual among a group of similar people who shares similar characteristics and brings new information and practices to that group zPeer Education is one of most powerful tools within the workplace.

THE 5 ROLES OF A PEER EDUCATOR There are five ways that peer educators can create change. The skills specific to each of these roles will be covered in the other modules in this training.

Life skills

Peer Education supports UNH’s academic mission by providing students with opportunities to design and implement health promotion activities – for peers by peers – on campus. Peer education helps students make lifestyle choices that support academic success and enhance personal wellness.

Commit to being a UNH Peer Educator for 4. Peer Education Program Job Description JOB TITLE: Peer Educator SALARY: Forty Five Peer educators are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to participate in the Lock It Up Project Coalition functions. PEER EDUCATOR CHARACTERISTICS: Friendly and works well with others - Reliable, responsible, and dedicated.

Career Peer Educator Program Description & Responsibilities The Career Peer Educator Program provides a unique opportunity for a selected group of students to gain extensive hands-on training and experience within a state-of-the-art career center. Peer Educator Training TRAINED PEER EDUCATORS CAN KEEP YOU STAFF HEALTHY AND SAVE YOUR COMPANY MONEY.

Peer education utilises the influence peers can have on one another.

BACCHUS Initiatives of NASPA

With HIV intervention this entails peers educating their colleagues on HIV in such a way that brings about both attitudinal and behaviour change, on both the individual and.

Functions of a peer educator
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