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I will tell you one thing before I go, no matter how dark the eyes or how bright…they all tell a story, a horrifically beautiful story. Already History is old enough to witness the old age and disappearance of particular arts.

A true announcement of the law of creation, if a man were found worthy to declare it, would carry art up into the kingdom of nature, and destroy its separate and contrasted existence.

Nothing astonishes men so much as common-sense and plain dealing. There is higher work for Art than the arts. With these features he can persuade the auidence because people dont know why darkness can be good for us.

Overall, the response demonstrates proficient writing. They eat and drink, that they may afterwards execute the ideal. A calm, benignant beauty shines over all this picture, and goes directly to the heart.

They abhor men as tasteless, dull, and inconvertible, and console themselves with color-bags, and blocks of marble. Therefore, each work of genius is the tyrant of the hour, and concentrates attention on itself. If he can draw every thing, why draw any thing?

Overall, the response demonstrates inadequate analysis. He builds this claim by making use of a personal anecdote, allusions, and rhetorical questioning. Once again his parents pressured Jack to start to do something with his life so he worked on some ships to get away from home for three or four months at a time.

Though he were never so original, never so wilful and fantastic, he cannot wipe out of his work every trace of the thoughts amidst which it grew. The boat at St. Overall, this response has demonstrated inadequate writing skill. Bogard writes about the benefits that natural darkness actually produces.

Presently we pass to some other object, which rounds itself into a whole, as did the first; for example, a well-laid garden: What is that abridgment and selection we observe in all spiritual activity, but itself the creative impulse?

Now men do not see nature to be beautiful, and they go to make a statue which shall be.

Eyes-Descriptive Essay

This response offers an insightful analysis of the source text and demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the analytical task. The concluding paragraph develops the essay rather than just restating what has been said and is also successful for its precise word choice and complex sentence structures We must see the strength and beauty in the darkness, and remember how our world survived without lights.

I was to see and acquire I knew not what.

Kerouac A Failure in his own eyes Essay

For example, in the first paragraph, the writer claims that One of the senses Bogard uses within his essay is touch, but none of the ensuing discussion relates to touch at all.His eyes, too, were black and very bright. He had high cheek bones, a sharp-cut nose, a spare, dark face, the face of a man used to giving orders, the face of an aristocrat.

Turning to the giant in uniform, the general made a sign. Human Eye Essay Examples. 7 total results. An Analysis of the Process of Seeing with the Eye. 2, words. 5 pages. An Analysis of the Human Eye Doing More Than Allowing One to See in the Near and Farsightedness.

1, words. 4 pages. The Purpose of the Human Eye. 11, words. 26 pages. The Eye is the organ of sight. Eyes enable people to perform daily tasks and to learn about the world that surrounds them. Sight, or vision, is a rapidly occurring process that involves continuous interaction between the eye, the nervous system, and the brain.

His Eyes and Ears: A Life Experience Essay Words 5 Pages The early morning dew is lingering in the air, the sunrise slowly creeps into the sky, it’s seven twenty-five am, and he has finally arrived. The author of this essay is Su Bo, his mother was a child bride who was beaten by her husband and mother in law.

Su Bo saw through his mother the affects that came from oppressing women. 15 The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry.

16 The face of the Lord is against them that do evil.

His eyes essay
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